The D’Ukes of Longbarn – World War One Gig – Another success

  • By Ron W
  • July 10, 2018
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The D’Ukes of Longbarn

Saturday 7th July 2018 was indeed a day for celebrations.

England won – keep it up – AND

The D’Ukes of Longbarn scored a winner at the gig for the British Legion at St Joseph’s, Penketh, celebrating the anniversary of the end of World War 1.

Unusually for them, because of holidays etc., they only had out a team of 8, they mostly field a team of 20 or more.  There was some nervousness about being so few but “the boys (and girls) done good“.  The performance was really well received judging from the singing-along, applause, feedback and thanks that we received.

A message was received from the event organiser –

“The D’Ukes were absolutely fabulous, perfect for the occasion, everyone loved you so much. Thank you so so much and can we book you for next year?”


The  D’Ukes next gig, Saturday 21st July 2018, will be a little closer to home – Padgate House, Vulcan Close.


New members, total novices to experienced musicians, are still welcome to join the ukulele club which meets at 7:30pm on most Thursdays at Padgate Village club.




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