Ukulele Club

LRA launched its very own ukulele club on January 19th 2017 with the main aim to be a club for people to have fun, playing and/or singing-along in a friendly, relaxed group of old and new friends.

Ukulele smiling The club aims to be suitable for:

– First time learners and improvers,

– Experienced players and musicians,

– All ages and both sexes,

– People who want to learn an instrument,

– Those who enjoy a sing-along but don’t want to play.

Ukuleles are great fun, easy to play and relatively inexpensive.  They are also excellent for providing the backing to a good old sing-along.  This combination gives the club a strong foundation for having great fun at relaxed and sociable meetings.

The club has gone from strength to strength and is now well established and successful.  Back in January 2017, very few of the founding members had ever played the ukulele, or any other instrument.  Lessons were provided (and are still available), to new players to get them to a standard where they were comfortable to play and sing.

The DUKES OF LONGBARN  It has established its own “brand”, the D’Ukes of Longbarn, with specially designed club t-shirts, club songbooks and has even recorded a CD!

Volunteers regularly play “gigs”, as the D’Ukes of Longbarn, for local good causes, e.g. care homes, and special events.

The first gig was played on 23rd April (St George’s Day) at Holcroft Grange Residential Home in Culcheth and was a resounding success.  The club was only formed at the end of January 2017 when most of the members had never lifted a ukulele before.  To have progressed to the point where they could mount a (very successful) gig and were comfortable to play in public, speaks volumes for their enthusiasm and commitment and reflects the fun that they get from playing and singing together at the weekly club sessions.

Meetings are held regularly, normally at 7:30 pm on Thursday evenings at Padgate Village Club.  The bar is open and, of course, you can have a drink or two to keep your vocal chords oiled.

There is a nominal charge of £1 per meeting to help towards running costs.

You can check whether a meeting is on by looking at the What’s On” tab on the website,

New members are welcome.

To get up and running with a reasonable instrument, and a tuner, a typical outlay would be about £30.  Some people do not want to invest in one until they had given it a bit of a try.  So, to help, LRA has a number of instruments which can be used, for FREE, at club meetings. A weekly rental scheme (£2 per week) is also available, enabling people to take a ukulele home for practice, and maybe a sing-along with the family and friends.  If later the renter chooses to buy it from LRA they can take advantage of a “convert to buy” option, which takes into account their previous rentals. Rental is recommended, as, to learn and improve, players should practice every day where possible.

The ukulele is a surprisingly easy instrument to learn but you don’t have to try to play if you don’t want to and you don’t have to be “a good singer”.  You should just like a sing-along.  We don’t want anybody to feel shy about singing.  Nobody is judging us.  Nobody is paying to hear any of us, so what does it matter?  However, you do have to want to have fun amongst friends.

Interested in joining?  Send an e-mail to

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