About LRA Projects

About LRA Projects

This section holds information about what LRA calls its “Projects” as distinct from its “Events”, which tend to be social activities.  Details about each project can be found by selecting it from the drop-down list which shows when you hover over the Projects tab.  However, this particular part gives an overview.

LRA’s projects are many and very varied.

Some involve dealing with issues that impact Longbarn residents as a whole or helping individual householders.  As such, LRA presents a unified channel/face for the estate in resolving problems and is an interface to organisations and local, neighbouring businesses.

 Some projects are best kept to a small team who have, or develop, appropriate skills, knowledge and contacts.  Other projects are targeted at keeping Longbarn looking as good as we would want it to look.

They are all manned by volunteers from the estate whose support is essential to their success.  Some need volunteers’ support on an-ongoing and regular basis.  Some call for effort in bursts to tackle a specific issue and/or to make a major improvement.

The project that needs most time and effort from volunteers is “Sprucing up Longbarn”.  The whole estate benefits from these efforts.  We all know that Warrington Borough Council don’t/won’t maintain our green spaces anything like what we would fell is adequate.  It may be hard to accept when we all pay our Council Tax, but it is what it is.  LRA, supported by the hard-working volunteers, recognised that if we wanted Longbarn to look good and be a pleasant estate to live on, we had to do it ourselves.  Hence the initiatives like “Sprucing up Longbarn” and the Litter Picks.

More volunteers are always needed.  There are a number of dedicated people who turn up time and time again, but we need a big pool of volunteers to call on and to contribute, otherwise, the same few are putting in the effort while the whole of the estate feels the benefit.

Please ask yourself whether you couldn’t spare a little of your time to help make a difference.  You don’t have to do any more than you can.  A small contribution is valuable.  Contact one of the Committee, use the Contact Us page on this site or watch the website and just turn up when you see a call to help.

 You will be very gratefully welcomed and you might feel the sense of pride in looking after the area you live in.


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