Litter Picks

The Litter Picks may not be the most glamorous activities that LRS hosts but it is undoubtedly an extremely valuable and appreciated one for all that.

We may all be dismayed that WBC do not have the funds to keep our roads clear of litter, but that seems to be the case.  None of us wants to live in an area of increasing spoilage from thoughtless individuals.  These regular Litter Picks are our effort to keep Longbarn as the pleasant place to live that it is.  If we don’t clear the rubbish no-one will.

Volunteers to help are always welcome.  We meet at Raj’s shop, weather permitting, at 10:30 on the third Saturday of every month.

High-viz jackets, pickers and rubbish bags are provided.

You might be surprised at how good it feels to do a bit for the community and keep the place you live looking how you would like it to look for you, your children, friends and visitors.


There are a number of people who can’t join the scheduled, group litter picks but still “do their bit” by collecting litter when they can e.g. when walking the dog or at a time that suits them.  This is appreciated.  Well done and THANKS.

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Emily Smith (5). Little picker BIG HELP.

Emily Smith (5). Little picker BIG HELP.


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