Want to be fitter?

We all know about the many health benefits associated with regular exercise and maintaining a good level of general fitness.  However, not everyone finds it easy to do, for all sorts of reasons.

To help with this, LRA arranges regular exercise sessions run on Longbarn and all residents are welcome. There is no age limit to these sessions, as young and old can benefit and the exercises are appropriately tailorable.

The sessions are held every two weeks at Padgate Village Club.  They start at 2pm and last for about 2 hours, including time for a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Daniel Wright of DARE 2B FIT, a professional trainer and ex-forces fitness trainer, runs the classes.  Danny was born on Longbarn and is passionate about helping people improve their fitness without the process being difficult or painful.  He is ready to help individuals find the level of exercise that is comfortable and suits them but still improves their level of fitness.

There is a short questionnaire to be completed before starting the sessions and there is a small charge of £3 per session.

See you there?


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