Friends of Padgate Station

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Friends of Padgate Station (Sub Group of LRA)

Leader:  Bob McLaughlin

Padgate Station was built in 1873.

Declared a Grade 1 listed building in Dec 1963.

Footfall at the station has increased by 223% during the last 10 years making it an important commuter station between Liverpool & Manchester

LRA involvement & Progress Reports

Initially targeted for litter picks (every 6 weeks) following residents’ complaints, as it was in such a rundown and dirty state, suffering from vandalism and a huge litter problem.

LRA contacted and met up with rail authorities to discuss the state of the station.  It was agreed that it was the worst kept station on the whole line.

As a result of these communications and ongoing meetings the station has been improved significantly:-

  • the station has been painted,
  • electronic information signs and announcement equipment have been installed and are fully working,
  • new “Waste Bins” have been installed,
  • the trees have been cut back and the car park has been enlarged (as a result of “action days” with both rail and LRA joining forces and working very hard).

Plans are in hand with an artist to paint murals on the blanked out windows and doors to make it much more pleasing to the eye.

Promises have been made for the remaining trees to be cut down in the immediate future.

We are still awaiting details as to whether the station is due for refurbishment or to be manned going forward.  If not we shall do our best to make the station a community asset once again.

We have been inspired by the complete refurbishment of Irlam Station (at a cost of £2m!!).

Padgate Station Update 10th August 2017

Padgate Station Update 30th March 2017





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