The LRA Committee and its supporting volunteers have the aim of continually protecting and improving the “quality of life” for all residents of Longbarn.

So LRA stages many social Events but it also does a lot of work, often unseen, focussing on issues like the traffic volumes on Harpers Road, inappropriate parking, keeping the roads litter free and making sure the verges and grassy areas are well tended.

The “quality of life” can/should be protected and improved against all erosions from outside Longbarn.  LRA deals with these issues via its Projects.

This section of the website gives information about the types of Project that LRA currently undertakes.

Hover over the Projects tab and then follow the topic that interests you by selecting from the drop-down list.

About LRA Projects gives an overview of the projects.

The remaining entries give more detail on the specific projects.

If you would like to become involved in making these projects happen, please get in touch by using the Contact Us tab.

Enjoy your life on Longbarn and help others to enjoy theirs too.


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