Housing Sub-committee

Housing Sub-committee

LRA realised, early after its formation, that many residents’ issues were linked to Housing and the maintenance of the associated green spaces, trees and communal areas.

As such, it was felt that LRA could help these Longbarn residents by working, on a continuous basis with each individual Housing Provider, to identify and deal with common or shared problems and, at the same time, providing helpful advice and support to the residents on how to get their particular problems addressed.

The Sub-committee has set up lines of communication and a network of contacts with the three Housing Providers, (who are invited to attend LRA meetings when appropriate):

·         Muir Housing

·         Warrington Housing Association

·         Torus Group (properties previously Golden Gates Housing).

and now has an established history of helping resolve problems e.g.

The Sub-committee has strong links and regular meetings with Muir Housing, and many positive outcomes have improved lives of residents.

The relationship with Warrington Housing Assoc. has resulted in positive outcomes for residents e.g. in respect of heating and insulation in Guildford Close & Station Road.

Residents throughout Longbarn should appreciate that LRA can operate as a focus, and a pressure group to the benefit of all.  Whilst it cannot solve problems for any individual, it can offer practical advice and support and provide a powerful voice on behalf of the residents of the estate.

If you have a problem with which you would welcome assistance, you are encouraged to contact members of the Sub-committee directly or by using the Contact Us page on this website.



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