Longbarn ROCKS for St ROCCO’s

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  • October 6, 2018
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Six months ago a kind benefactor, Jamie Stemp, issued, a “money for charity” challenge to his friend and D’Uke, Lee Karrelen.  (It has been whispered that a little drink may have helped this challenge into life, but it’s not confirmed).

The challenge?

 LRA’s Ukulele Club, aka “The D’Ukes of Longbarn”, were challenged to perform Motorhead’s heavy metal hit “Ace of Spades”.


Ace of Spades

If it was performed before October and to Jamie’s satisfaction, he would donate £100 to be given, via the D’Ukes, to St Rocco’s Hospice.

With trepidation the band set about learning the hit song.  Initially it was a really daunting task for the majority of the members.  However, with the guidance of some of our excellent musicians, led by Lee and Tom Whitlow, and many hours of practice, it started to take shape.

The band’s first public rendition took place at the recent Woolston Show (2nd September 2018) and received many favourable reports from all, so that helped spur on everyone.

On Thursday 28th September, Jamie and his wife Kathryn arrived at Padgate Village Club to hear the results of the D’Ukes’ efforts.

Kathryn, Lee & Jamie

Before the band played it was announced that the “donation” had gathered momentum from the initial pledge of £100.  Kathryn, herself, had already added a further £100 to the pot and a number of others had come forward to donate to the cause.

The pot was also enhanced by a cheque for £100 from the D’Ukes of Longbarn, taking the total to £910.  At that point, Jamie, very generously threw in the additional £90 to round the amount to the magical £1,000.



To watch the D’Ukes’s performance of the Ace of Spades, click the link below.

D’Ukes play the Ace of Spades


Lee has been in touch regularly with St Rocco’s during the challenge and they are delighted with the money raised, which, with last-minute donations and the “gift aid” scheme, will benefit St Rocco’s funds by around £1, 250.  St Rocco’s plan to put the video of the performance, photos from the night and an article on their website and in their magazine.


The D’Ukes rock for St Rocco’s

A really enjoyable evening was had by all, with a fabulous end result.

Thanks to Jamie and Kathryn for the challenge and their generosity.

Thanks to the other donors.

Thanks to Lee and Tom for their musical guidance and patience.

Thanks and Well Done to the D’Ukes and Longbarn Residents Association.

What’s the next challenge?  Bring it on!





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