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  • May 14, 2018
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D’Ukes at Grappenhall Beer Festival

The D’Ukes of Longbarn, LRA’s very own Ukulele Club, played another extremely successful GIG on Saturday 12 May 2018.  This time it was at the Grappenhall Beer Festival.  A great time was had by all, audience and D’Ukes.

The organiser of the Beer Festival wrote back to say –
“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you to you and all the Dukes for a fantastic performance on Saturday afternoon; I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed having you!
We have received so many positive comments and excellent feedback about you all, it was a wonderful afternoon.
 Hopefully, you will all be keen to come along again next year?”
The D’Ukes have been meeting regularly on Thursday nights for over a year now, during which time the membership has grown well.  The aim of the club is to have a good time playing the ukulele and/or singing a wide range of well known songs.  The club welcomes new members whether they are complete novices wanting to learn to play (help is provided) or already experienced players.
A regular feature of the D’Ukes diary is the playing of GIGS (performances) at charitable and/or local “good cause” events.  They are much in demand and have not yet played a gig where they have not been asked back again.
The D’Ukes often play at local care homes to lighten up the repetitive days of the residents.  It is so good to see the smiling faces and to see the residents joining in with the singing, and sometimes even dancing.
Some of the future gigs include:
LRA FUN DAY                                                         Saturday 2 June 2018
The Old Rectory Care Home Open Day                    Saturday 9 June 2018
*British Legion ( St Joseph’s, Penketh)                    Saturday 7 July 2018
Padgate House Care Home                                         Saturday 21 July 2018
WOOLSTON SHOW                                              Sunday 2 September 2018
* As part of the celebrations of the end of World War 1
If you are planning to come to the FUN DAY, you can join in with the D’Ukes.  You don’t have to think you can sing, just make a noise and have some fun.
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